Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ahhh... FALL!

Perhaps it's my station in life (as a larger woman) but I do so enjoy the cooler fall weather. Quite frankly, I've been afraid I was going to sweat myself to death before a cold front rolled into Virginia. But fall seems to be opening the door and coming on inside and I welcome it with a cup of coffee and warm cookie.

Fall brings football and marching band and while I watch the Vice Presidential debate this evening, I'm getting ready for tomorrow night's big homecoming game. The Millers will be tailgating before the game, so the Miller Mom is making a big pot of white chilli and some yummy corn bread. I'm also using my Cricut to make some fabulous signs for the game. Everyone will know who the Millers are cheering for. I can only hope that the temperatures dip low after the sun goes down so that I have a good excuse to snuggle with the Hubby in the stands.


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Patti said...

Good for you!! Now we get to see the daily "goings on" at the Miller House!

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