Thursday, November 6, 2008

Election Fever!!!

As a general rule I like to keep my political leanings to myself. I know that everyone has their own opinions and no one really wants to hear mine. So I'll make my comments on this Presidential election brief.

The Millers are complete political junkies, we watch the news shows, read the papers and spend lots of time debating amongst ourselves. This election was cool because all the Miller children were old enough to understand and care about what was going on. The eldest Miller child has spent hours pouring over the campaign ads for her AP English class and really became involved in everything election related.

Mark and I always tell the kids that they can like whoever they want as long as they have a reason. You can't just like a candidate because he or she is "cool" in our house. The kids have to have an issue that they can pinpoint, explain, and support. So we all picked sides and waited for election day.

No matter your political views, I think we can all agree that this was an historic election. Most importantly American people were moved to vote this year in record numbers, and that is incredibly exciting for me. To see lines of people waiting in the rain to cast a vote made me excited to be an American. I hope that this excitement inspires people to be more involved in local and national elections. And if you didn't vote this year, shame on you!

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