Thursday, January 8, 2009

He has seen him, and been changed!

The Miller household is just as proud as any other American that we've finally stepped up to the plate and elected someone other than a middle aged white man to be our President. As residents of the Washington suburbs we have attended Inaugural festivities before and had a great time being a part of history. Unfortunately, because of the expected record turn out and the unprecedented road closures, the Millers will be enjoying the swearing in on the big screen t.v. in our own basement.

BUT, that hasn't changed our awe of the media coverage of our President elect. Around here it's ALL OBAMA, ALL THE TIME! Yesterday I was nearly trampled in the Wal-mart by people trying to get to a rack of "I (heart) Obama" t-shirts. Have you ever seen such coverage of any President elect? Is he hiding Hannah Montana behind him? Is he a rock star? Has he been touched by the Pope? Can he save us all?

So you can imagine how excited the Miller Man was to find himself strolling down the street today in D.C. only to have the Presidential Elects motorcade come whizzing down the street past him. Upon returning to the office, Mark realized that the ordinary chocolate bars he had been carrying home to the children had been changed.

Yes, they became filled with delicious bits of hopes and dreams, all wrapped up in a silky layer of change. Amazing! Now, if he can do that to a simple bar of chocolate, imagine what he can do for the economy! Let's get this man sworn in, people!

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kitschen said...

LOL oh my gosh, I sympathize! I live in VA and work in DC and I's like a cult. I voted for him, but he's a president, not a movie star :)

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