Sunday, January 25, 2009

Miller family economic rescue plan....

In these tough economic times I'm looking for any way to save a dime. Literally any dime I can get my paws on. It all started when gas was in the stratosphere. I stopped driving around as much. I tried to get all my errands done on one day. I tried harder to find car pool buddies to help cut the cost of taking the kids back and forth to school activities. I stopped going to Starbucks and went to WaWa instead. It's closer and the coffee cheaper. Then the cost of groceries started to go up. I stopped buying the yummy shredded cheese that the kids love to put on EVERYTHING. I bought fewer prepackaged foods and opted for snacks that I had to make or had to divide out of a big bag. The kids don't get the little frozen things after school for snacks. We stopped eating out as much. And of course I started using all the coupons I could get my hands on.

Now, some people say they just don't have the time to cut out all those coupons. Time is money after all, but being a housewife is my job and so I've never had a problem cutting out coupons from the Sunday paper while I watch the news shows. The trouble has always come when it's time to sort through all those bits of paper. I've tried everything. I've put them all in an envelope (disaster), I've used paper organizers, I've tried to only take the coupons I thought I was going to use. SO although I was diligent, there always seemed to be a sneaky little coupon hiding out.

That is until I found this idea.

I wish I could claim this idea, I'd look like a flippin genius. But alas, some other clever coupon clipper has already posted it on her blog (along with some other cool stuff)! I've posted the link here for you to see. The pockets are perfect and she has included the file for printing the categories and everything. So get to clippin gals, and we'll be out of this economic mess in no time! I personally am making one up to send to the White House. I think Barrack and Michelle would appreciate the help.

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