Sunday, February 1, 2009

Romeo, Romeo....

Today was audition day in the Miller household. Stagedoor Productions ( is casting for Romeo and Juliet. Ahhh, young love. So we all trucked it down to Massaponax High School to try out.

It's always hard for me to decide if I should try out or not. You see I get REALLY nervous. I start to sweat, my hands shake, my mouth goes dry, I pretty much fall apart. But I've done a couple of these with the same people now so it's getting a little easier. I threw my hat in the ring when I heard they were casting all the adult parts as actual adults, rather than teenagers playing adults. There's never a huge adult turn out, so my competition is slim, HOORAY!

I'm not so sure what parts might be available for the youngest Miller Daughters and Em is going to be working behind the scenes again, but you may have another chance to see Mr. and Mrs. Miller on stage. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, cause I'd like to get some Shakespeare under my belt, but I'm not holding my breath. We go back tomorrow night for another reading and then they'll let us know. Everyone think good thoughts and I'll let ya know what happens!

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The Holladay Family said...

Are you in the show? If so, make sure we know the dates & times so we can attend.

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