Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday's 25. 10 blogs I love to stalk.

I love blogs. It's such a nice way to keep up with things. I seem to get tons of inspiration from them, I love the pictures and down to earth ideas that my crafty favorites have. I follow a great big gob of blogs and I look forward to scrolling through the new entries every morning while I drink my coffee and wait for everything to wake up. So here's a list of 10 of the blogs I seem to visit often. I was going to make it 25, but it just went on way too long! Enjoy.

  1. The Angry Chicken ( ) Just the name cracks me up. Amy Karol writes this blog and she is the author of one of my favorite sewing books, Bend-The-Rules Sewing.
  2. Little Birdie Secrets ( A combination of tips and tricks for just about everything.
  3. Little House in the Suburbs ( Okay I'm starting to see a trend here with the birds. This blog has all kinds of practical Mom-type advice. I think this is the one that taught me how to make my own soap!
  4. Lolly Chops ( Free embroidery designs. Cute, cute, cute!
  5. MMM Crafts ( I just stumbled on this one recently, but I love her ideas. Today she posted a tooth fairy pillow idea that's terrific.
  6. One Pretty Thing ( ) I love this one above all others. The good people at this site search the web for you to find great ideas and inspirations and put all the links with a picture and description. It's like one stop idea shopping.
  7. Posie Gets Cozy ( Home of Alicia Paulson, this blog gives me a warm, homey feel every time I visit. She takes some of the most wonderful photos and she has written a book that I also love.
  8. House on Hill Road ( A most wonderful sewing site. She has all kinds of neat patterns and the photos are spectacular.
  9. Dollar Store Crafts ( Sometimes the ideas are outrageous, sometimes strange, sometimes brilliant, but this site is always good for a cheap craft. And lets face it, who can't use a cheap craft fix these days.
  10. Joy's Of Home ( This site is maintained by an interior designer. Sometimes I like to look at her photos and imagine I live in them. Then I give myself a little shake and I'm back home again.

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V and Co. said...

oh i love all these blogs too! thank you for adding me to blogs you follow! it's nice to *meet* you!

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