Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Honest Abe!

I may be a day late and a dollar short on the blogging, but the Millers did manage to celebrate the 200th birthday of one President Abraham Lincoln yesterday. Those of you who know us pretty well know that we often find ourselves trucking across this great land to visit relatives in Springfield, Missouri. Well, I always try to find something interesting to do along the way so we can all get out and stretch our legs. One trip we were able to fit in not just one but two Abraham Lincoln historical sites. The Miller clan has terrorized both Abe's birthplace and his resting place. We've also seen the local sites and sat still long enough to see A Christmas Carol at Ford's Theatre. Mr. Miller and I have even retraced the steps that John Wilkes Booth took after he shot Mr. Lincoln on a bus tour that lasted an entire day! So we know a little bit about our 16th President.

All that being said, we felt that a man only turns 200 once and we should at least honor him with chocolate cake. You should have seen the look on the nice bakery lady's face when I asked her to write "Happy Birthday Honest Abe" on it. Best of all Mr. Miller came home with brand new shiny pennies for all of us. Have you seen the new penny? It's pretty cool and I've included a picture, just in case you've missed it.

Pretty handsome, right? This is the backside of the new penny, the front still has a striking picture of Abe on it. The mint will be releasing a total of four new pennies this year, a new one every three months. All that to celebrate not only Lincoln's birthday but the 100th anniversary of the penny! I think that every new penny deserves a chocolate cake celebration. Who's with me?

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