Thursday, May 28, 2009

The bikini experiment... attempt number one.

Perhaps you are a completely normal sized individual that fits directly into everything on the rack without any tailoring or tweaking. If you are, bully for you. Go have a cupcake for goodness sakes. For the other 99.9% or people read on.

I fear every summer. As the days get hotter and hotter and Memorial Day creeps closer and closer, I start to get anxious. Here comes swimsuit season. I have three daughters and myself to try and find flattering bathing outfits for and I think I'd rather spend the day with sand rubbing between my thighs than shopping for garments that have been designed only to accent a gals jiggley bits. But every year it must be done, because for goodness sake, the Miller Gals love the water.

I must admit us Miller women are pretty modest and for that I am forever grateful. Not one of the gals (even the one that's shaped like a Barbie) wants to put too much out there, or pop out of swim top at the wrong moment. We started the search early this year to try and get the best selection, but we haven't had any luck yet. So in the meantime I decided I would try and fashion something that the eldest Miller gal would like. I'm handy with a sewing machine, but I've never done any sort of swim wear before. Stretchy fabrics just aren't my bag, but I'm always game for a challenge, so I started looking for a good pattern. That's the one I found over there. It's by Kwik Sew and it's pretty straight forward.

I have finished version 1.0 and I wish the eldest Miller gal loved it enough to have a picture taken in it, but no such luck. It still needs more tweaking, more support, more of just about everything. I'm not giving up. I will march on. I will buy more Lycra, spandex and elastic. I will let you faithful readers know if I make any progress.

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