Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Homecoming Dress Modification

Well, Homecoming season has come and gone once again. For the past three years there has only been one Miller daughter to dress, shoe, accessorize, beautify and ticket. But this year is a special year. This is the only year that all three daughters are in High School. So this is the only year that all three girls needed the perfect dress, shoes, make-up and hair to go off to a dance.

Now, some Moms may be out there thinking how great it must be to get to play dress up with three girls. Ummm, nope. Each on has her own style, shape, color and idea. So this year I got smart and headed to the mall in August, before school even started. Not only did we find the perfect dress for each girl, we found one extra for Miss Senior for graduation. AMAZING!!! We brought our purchases to the front and used that friend of the long term purchase...layaway.

I went back to get my dresses out the other week and brought them all home. This is great. While those other suckers are sifting through the picked over racks, I've already got the cream of the crop at home. Yeah, there's only one hitch. When the oldest Miller gal tried on her dress it didn't really fit the way we remembered it. We're not sure if it was the undergarment or what, but there was a lot more showing than before. I mean, it was a total peep show.

So I slept on it. My best ideas come to me in my sleep. Ideas for everything from punishments to scrapbook pages. And low and behold the idea came. I'll just add a band of fabric around the top of the dress. Excellent, I am totally brilliant! Now we get to keep the dress that we loved and not pop out of it. I've included a before and after picture for your viewing pleasure. I don't think you can even tell I made a change. Oh, I knew there was a reason I took up sewing.

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Patti said...

Great idea Mando! You are a Super Sew-er!

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