Monday, December 29, 2008

The return of the blog.....

Wow, it's been a rough few months at the Miller compound. We've been super busy with school, singing groups, Stagedoor, illness, new jobs and injury. But despite all of the chaos the Miller family managed to make it to Philadelphia this weekend. Yes, when faced with a full two weeks of Christmas vacation (whose idea was that anyway?) the Miller's decided to take a road trip.

First stop, Levittown! In a tiny hole in the wall shop we met WWE wrestling superstar Shawn Michaels, otherwise known as The Heart Break Kid. You can see Mark on the right side of this photo holding his autographed Shawn Michaels man-doll. Remember kids, Daddy's action figures ARE NOT TOYS!

We loaded back into the van and headed off to our hotel. Okay, normally I wouldn't bother telling anyone squat about the hotel. It's a bed and four walls. But this time, the underprivileged Miller's stayed in a two room suite. Talk about your convenience! Kids in one room, grown-ups in one room, living room in between. Awesome.

Sunday morning we hit the road well rested and bellies full of free breakfast. First stop on the way home? See if you can guess.... Okay, I'll give you a hint. Think Sylvester Stallone...Yup, we found the steps that Rocky runs up in the movies. In Rocky III the city of Philadelphia dedicates a statue to the Italian Stallion and they have it there beside the steps. We actually had to wait in line to take this picture, there were so many fans there. But after all the fun and games we had to fit in a little history lesson so we saw..Oops, sorry that's Emily kissing a moose. We saw...No, no, no, that's me giving Mr. Moose a hoof shine. We saw...

Okay, this is getting silly. Mack get off the Moose! We saw...

Sarah! We DID NOT see BATS in Mr. Moose's CAVE! Now come on! No seriously we went to Independence Hall next. We had a great tour guide and learned all about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. And Emily earned 25 bonus points for her AP History class.

After being awe struck in the rooms where our forefathers actually formed our nation we went over to see The Liberty bell.

After all that history we were starved so we ate an authentic Philly cheese steak and got back in the van to head home. We had an exciting couple of days. Today I plan to plant my booty on the family couch. I'm sick as a dog and am looking forward to some hot tea.

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