Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Graduation Time!

I finally put my eldest child's graduation announcements in the mail yesterday. Yes, I know. I'm only about three weeks late. I'm just happy they managed to make it into the mail before graduation day. I've been thinking about these announcements since the order form for the "official" announcements came in this fall. As a scrapbooker I wanted something a little bit more personal, an announcement that would reflect a bit more of Emily's personality. I knew I wanted to do a "waterfall" card that could showcase several pictures of Emily over the years. But what pictures to choose?

So I went on the hunt. As any scrapbooker can guess, I have thousands of pictures. I have drawers and boxes full. I have scrapbooks and photo albums bursting at the seams. I even have an extensive collection of photos taken before I became part of the Miller family. I needed a picture of Emily when she was small, so I started there. I picked up the first album, opened it and there it was.

Apparently it is a Miller family tradition when a baby is born to give the youngster a "Class of" shirt. I had no idea, not having been there when any Miller children were actually born, but I think this is pure genius. Imagine my excitement when I opened the album and saw a picture of Emily in her "Class of 2010" shirt. I'm positive I heard angels singing and a ray of light came out of no where. PERFECT!

When I put the "class" shirt picture, a shot from the fifth grade and a fabulous senior picture together I knew I had a winner. Then all I had to do was cut out about 500 rectangles and we'd be set. In the end it took me two solid days, but it was worth it. For those of you unfamiliar with a waterfall card, you pull the tab at the bottom of the picture strip and the pictures flip up one at a time. Amazing, not my idea, but still amazing. I'm working on a tutorial for those of you who might want to make these gems for your next event, but I'll post the instructions for anyone who just can't wait. It may not be the traditional announcement, but I think it's pretty darned spiffy!


Anonymous said...

That is a pretty awesome card. I guess all that time at Hallmark rubbed off on you! Aidan can never see this because I don't think I could reproduce it, and who wouldn't want amazing announcements?

Ric Flair said...

Wooooo! That graduation announcement is worthy of a World Championship! Woooooo!

And let me add: Woooooooo!

The Holladay Family said...

I'm amazed you had time to make the announcements. They are great (I wouldn't expect anything less from you) and the 2010 baby shirt was truly perfect!

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