Sunday, May 23, 2010

Project Prom Dress 2010

Well, I've been saving this post for after the prom so I wouldn't spoil my lovely model's good time. Now that the last dance has been danced I can share my adventures in prom land with all of you.

This is a friend of my eldest daughter. She is gorgeous and an independent spirit. She approached me a couple of months ago about making her a dress for prom.

Maybe I should back up a couple of steps and tell you that the off the rack dress selection this year was bad. It was impossible to find a dress in a color other than neon green, pink, orange or yellow. Or a dress that didn't plunge to the wearers navel. Or was covered in pasted on glitter. In other words, it was hard to find a dress that looked sophisticated without being matronly.

So, I was approached by Kaity and was more than happy to accommodate. We went off to the fabric store to choose a pattern and fabric. I made a trial dress from the pattern we originally chose. It was a McCall's pattern (5806). The result was way too large. Plus I didn't like the neckline. Or the high waistline. (I guess now I should post pics of that too. Another day maybe.) So I went into my pattern stash, and I found a nifty Butterick pattern (54547).

Kaity picked her own colors (which I thought were quite fetching) and the lace. I omitted the pleats on the bodice that were originally on the pattern as well as some gathering that was included on the waistline. We opted for a satin ribbon sash. I think the result was amazing. Kaity made her own headpiece, which really fit the style of the dress. When she arrived at our home on prom night I thought she looked spectacular!

Here she is with her date for the evening. They make a cute couple, but they are only friends. Daniel did manage to pick out a shirt in exactly the right shade of red, so they were perfectly matched. Kaity seemed to be very happy with her dress. It's too bad it was pouring down rain on prom night. I think the dress may have suffered some water damage. But the important thing is that Kaity had an excellent time!

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The Holladay Family said...

You did a beautiful job!!

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